Training With Coach Poe

Training Sessions begin Sunday December 1st 1:00-2:00

and will continue each consecutive Sunday



Training Goal of the program is to take players through various drills of Strength, Power (both lower body and upper body), Flexibility, Speed (Acceleration and Agility) to help with Injury Prevention of players and to enhance the athletic skills of players be it increase Vertical Jump Height, Foot Speed, Change of Direction speed, etc.


Want to increase Vertical Jump?


Want to increase Acceleration-Quickness/Speed up and down the court?


Want to increase range on your shot?


Want more strength-power and “foot” quickness for play inside and out?





Basketball sport-specific strength, flexibility, power & speed training for:


¨     Prevention of common basketball injuries


¨     Enhancement of skill & game performance






These objectives are reached by:


  1.     Providing individualized private, semi-private, small group and team training sessions.


  2.   Training the player with sport-specific components: warm-up/cool-down with flexibility stretching, strength, plyometric (power training), acceleration-speed & agility quickness and muscular endurance training exercises

  1. Utilizing a needs analysis that includes the biomechanics, physiology, and the common sites of injury relative to the sport of basketball and the position that the athlete plays.

  2. Basketball Performance Testing Protocol:  assessing the players Body Composition, Girth Measurements including “Wing Span”, Vertical Jump, Strength, Upper Body Power, Court Sprint Time and Agility Time.

  3. Providing a “Periodized” training program for all players/athletes for the entire year incorporating variation for “Off-Season, Pre-Season and In-Season” time periods.


Components for Coach Poe’s Program Include:




<>I.<>1.<>2.<>3.<>4.<>5.<>6.<>7.<>8.<>9.<>10.*NOTE:  Some tests will not apply to certain athletes depending upon age, physical characteristics, sport, etc. 


Fees:  50.00 per session and 180.00 per 4 sessions 





The sport of basketball as well as other sports has an inherent risk of injury for players, not only during skill work practice, but team practice and for sure during “game” play.  Coach Poe emphasizes a program with progressive Strength and Flexibility development and “Body awareness” drills, to “off-set” these risks of musculo-skeletal injuries.  The main objective is to keep the player on the court, healthy and able to perform without the associated risks of injuries (potential for missing practice and game time)!